Top 3 Ways to Motivate Your Man to Groom Himself Regularly

We’ve all been there – you love your man, but he just isn’t keeping up with you in the grooming department. Maybe that cute beard of his is getting a little scraggly, or he’s been skipping his trips to the barbershop. You don’t want to be mean to him or anything of course, but you do want your man to be looking the best he can possibly look, right? If this situation describes you, read on, because we’re about to explore the top three ways to get your man motivated to groom and look hot.

The “Past Compliment” Tactic

This is a good way to encourage your man to groom himself where you won’t appear as though you’re nagging – you’ll actually seem like you’re giving him a compliment. Are you ready?

Pull your man aside, look him up and down, and then say in your sweetest voice the following:

“You looked so sexy when you…(fill in the blank).”

You can fill in the blank there with whatever it is you want your man to start doing as far as his grooming (or other habits) are concerned. All men want to feel sexy and appreciated, and by telling him this he’ll almost certainly go and start doing it on his own.

The fact of the matter is, your man might be busy, stressed, or even think his “casual” look was a smart move for him. He’s not acting like a slob because he doesn’t care what you think – drop this line on him and see what happens.

Get Him a Grooming Gift

Suppose that your man needs to pay more attention to his beard. The next time you get a chance, buy him a fancy beard grooming kit. If he needs a haircut, get him a gift card for a barbershop (this post on About Susanna shows her favourite barbershop in Melbourne). When you give it to him, say that you know how much he loves his beard (or whatever it is you need him to fix), and that you thought he’d absolutely lovethe gift that you got him.

Odds are he’ll either get the hint, be genuinely appreciative, or not want to disappoint you by never using the gift. Presto, one well-groomed man!

Tell Him Straight Up

If all else fails, tell your man exactly what you want him to do as far as his grooming is concerned. This doesn’t make you a control freak or a nag as long as you do it nicely. Remind him (sweetly) that you take care of your appearance because you want to look good for him. So why shouldn’t he do the same?

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