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Doing Your Own Makeup Before a Model Shoot

A few simple steps can make all the difference between a picture perfect photoshoot (like this one by Tarly) or a waste of time and general disaster. After you get the perfect location and outfit taken care of, make sure you follow these makeup tips to prepare your face for the perfect photo op.

Hydrate the Skin, But Not Too Much

Hydrated skin is the foundation for a perfect look. Use a lightweight moisturizer that does not include SPF (SPF does not look well with flash photography) so that the skin will look fresh. Although it is important to hydrate the skin, it is also important to avoid making the skin look shiny or reflective. Make sure that the skin has a matte, flat appearance; use primers or mattifiers to absorb oils if your skin is especially oily.Skip The Glitter

Keeping alo...

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The Best Mineral Powder Foundations

If you’ve even dipped your toes into the beauty world, chances are you’ve heard about mineral makeup. Over the past several years, it’s become a favorite among makeup artists and everyday users just like you for its lightness, sensitivity and eco-friendly advantages. Those aren’t the only perks to natural mineral powder foundations though. The product that you use as the basis for your entire look’s glow should be one that doesn’t just even out skin tone and mask any blemishes, but also nourishes your skin and leaves you free from any harsh or irritating chemicals.

Below are the 10 best mineral powder foundation products on the market today, as well as a description of what makes them worth your while...

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