Hens Night Out: How to Fix Up for a Fun Time Out with the Girls

Most women wait with anxious anticipation to experience their first official Hens Night. After all, what could be more fun than spending a few hours with a collection of gal pals “painting the town.” However, a Hens Night celebration is no ordinary get-together with friends. To make the most out of this precious occasion, it always pays to have one’s hair, makeup and costume at its supreme finest.

Take It Away with a Time-Based Theme

One way to make your fabulous hens night special is by selecting a theme for the event. Popular with today’s women are parties that feature a particular decade. If your theme centres around the 40’s Big Band Era, be sure to ramp up with red lipstick. A headscarf with a topknot is perfect for ladies who want to become “Rosie the Riveter” in their own right.


50’s Favourites

For a fifties style outing, pick shades of pink lipstick and blush. Brush your hair up into a high swept ponytail, perhaps decorating your hairdo with a poodle decal or headband. At this point, the choice of a full skirt or peddle-pusher pants is purely up to you.

Disco Dance the Night Away

Dancing the night away with disco says ’70’s, and there is no better way to memorialize the era than with shiny lip gloss and several hues of glittery eye-shadow. To make a fabulous hens night special using the 80’s, evoke the era with contrasting lip liner and matte lipstick. And whatever you do, don’t forget to wear your hair high and add shoulder pads to your jacket.

Glamour Cruise Party

If you book any cruise packages for a hen’s party, you and your friends can be sure to have a memorable time, among beautiful and pretty boys and in an unforgettable setting. For a hen’s night, choose classy, non-slippery flat shoes instead of high heels. A sheer metallic dress with some accessories should give you a killer party vibe. For hen’s day, you can be a little more casual in your dressing. Flowing skirts, both long and short, paired with comfortable sleeveless summer tops, would be a great choice. Summer dresses are also acceptable.

Hair to Stay

Change your hair from however you normally wear it for best effect. Now is the time to brush long hair up into a stylish chignon, a series of braids or twirl it up into a science-fiction beehive. For the more serious women out there who regularly sport a work-ready bun, use your hairbrush and let your locks flow. Finally, get out your hairspray. Nothing makes a point better than stiff peaks in one’s hair.

Day to Night in a Flash

A Hens Night party isn’t just confined to weekend dates. You may get a chance to gather with the girls on an evening during the week. This means quickly transitioning from daytime business attire into something simply more awesome. Re-apply your basic makeup, making a point to freshen up your foundation and intensify the cosmetics you wore during the day. And finally, it is wise to carry travel size products for a touch-up during the night’s festivities.

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