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Top 3 Ways to Motivate Your Man to Groom Himself Regularly

We’ve all been there – you love your man, but he just isn’t keeping up with you in the grooming department. Maybe that cute beard of his is getting a little scraggly, or he’s been skipping his trips to the barbershop. You don’t want to be mean to him or anything of course, but you do want your man to be looking the best he can possibly look, right? If this situation describes you, read on, because we’re about to explore the top three ways to get your man motivated to groom and look hot.

The “Past Compliment” Tactic

This is a good way to encourage your man to groom himself where you won’t appear as though you’re nagging – you’ll actually seem like you’re giving him a compliment. Are you ready?

Pull your man aside, look him up and down, and then say in your sweetest voice the following:


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The Best Mineral Powder Foundations

If you’ve even dipped your toes into the beauty world, chances are you’ve heard about mineral makeup. Over the past several years, it’s become a favorite among makeup artists and everyday users just like you for its lightness, sensitivity and eco-friendly advantages. Those aren’t the only perks to natural mineral powder foundations though. The product that you use as the basis for your entire look’s glow should be one that doesn’t just even out skin tone and mask any blemishes, but also nourishes your skin and leaves you free from any harsh or irritating chemicals.

Below are the 10 best mineral powder foundation products on the market today, as well as a description of what makes them worth your while...

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